Eastern Bird Banding Association

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, founded in 1923.  EBBA membership is open to those who are interested in the study of birds, their conservation and ecology.

As stated in our bylaws, EBBA’s purpose is to:

  • Encourage investigations into the biology and migration of birds by the banding thereof;
  • Actively encourage its members and other interested persons to publish the results of their scientific ornithological research in the Journal of the Association; and
  • Encourage the cooperation of its members in the pursuit of such purposes.

Our website is an on-going service to our members and visitors and provides a wealth of information about EBBA.   We encourage you to explore our site, and in particular, to consider joining our organization, as well as participate in our annual meetings!   Guests and future members are welcome at our annual meetings.


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