Eastern Bird Banding Association

Feature Articles

A Modified Target-netting Method of Optimizing Capture Success of Chuck-will’s-widow. Rebecca D. Bracken, Tabitha W. Olsen, Scott A. Rush. 1-6.

A Comparison of Length of Stay at a Site of Banding Versus Site of Observation Only of Some Vagrant Northeast Rufous Hummingbirds (Selasphorus rufus). Robert P. Yunick. 7-9.

Recent Literature- Compiled by Claire M. Stuyck.

News, Notes, Comments

Request for Assistance. Scott Rush. 14.

Predation of a Barred Owl by another Barred Owl. Hannah Landwerlen, Jadine Lee, Ed Pike. 15.

A Petition for New Band Sizes. Nick G. Liadis. 16.

Eastern Regional News

Wing Island Banding Station Flyway Report for Spring 2023 (omitted from NABB 48:4). Sue Finnegan. 17.

Eastern Bird Banding Association Annual Meeting. 18-20.

2024 Annual Membership Meeting of the Eastern Bird Banding Association. 21-22.

Mease Proclamation. 22.

2025 Eastern Bird Banding Association Meeting Announcement. 23.

Inland Regional News

Inland Flyway Review- Spring 2023 Report. Vernon Kleen, Coordinator. 24-35.

Western Regional News

Western Bird Banding Association 2024 Annual Meeting Announcement. 36.

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