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Feature Articles

Toe-pad Length and Body Mass are Reliable Indicators of Sex in Barred Owls. Hermary M. Gonzales, Daniel F. Hofstader, Whitney A. Watson. 45-52.

News, Notes, Comments

The Interesting Story of the Oldest Known Gray Hawk. William S. Clark, Michael T. Stewart. 53-54.

Possible New Longevity Record for Ruby-throated Hummingbird. Vernon Kleen. 54.

A Fast-traveling, Fall-migrating Hummingbird. Vernon Kleen, James Renfro. 54-55.

Eastern Regional News

EBBA’s 2023 Annual Meeting and 100th Anniversary Celebration. 56.

Join Us for the 2024 Meeting of the Eastern Bird Banding Association. 57.

2022 Atlantic Flyway Review (Fall Migration). Aaron Given, Compiler. 57-75.

Inland Regional News

Inland Flyway Review- Fall 2022 Report. Vernon M. Kleen, coordinator. 76-87

Species Snapshot: Brown-headed Cowbird (Molothrus ater)- 1960-2022. Steven Gabrey. 87-93.

Western Regional News

Summary of the 2023 Western Bird Banding Association Annual Meeting at Bear Divide, Santa Clarita, California. Danielle Kaschube. 94-95.

2023 WBBA Annual Meeting Scientific Sessions and Poster Abstracts 7-9 May 2023 Bear Divide, Santa Clarita, California. 95-104.

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