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Feature Articles

Black-capped Chickadee x Carolina Chickadee Hybridization in the Hopewell Sourlands, Central New Jersey. Hannah Bonsey Suthers & C. Sharyn Magee 101-113.

The Relationship among Barring Pattern, Feather Growth Rates, and Age, in the Carolina Wren. David A. Cimprich 114-120.

Over-Winter Trends in Resident Downy, Hairy, Red-bellied Woodpeckers and White-breasted Nuthatches in a Central Wisconsin Forest. Eleonara M. Hargett, Amanda Lang, Jason Riddle, Richard P. Thiel. 121-129.

Daily and Annual Weight Changes in Inca Doves. Allan J. Mueller. 130-136.

Does my Station Need a Bird Handling Protocol? Cyndi M. Smith. 136-139.

Site Fidelity in Seven Passerines in Southern California. Walter H. Sakai. 140-148.


Recent Literature- Compiled by C. John Ralph 148-155.

News, Notes, and Comments

Errata for NABB Volume 47 Numbers 1 & 2.

An Upside-down Primary in a Sharp-shinned Hawk. Daniel E. Erickson. 156-157.

American Goldfinch Banded in Ohio Recaptured in Spring and Fall in Michigan. Allen T. Chartier. 157-158

Unexpected Directional Movement of a Spring Migrant Ruby-throated Hummingbird. Allen T. Chartier. 158.

Two Unusual American Robin Re-encounters From Michigan. Allen T. Chartier. 158.

An Old Orange-crowned Warbler. Rebecca D. Bracken & Scott A. Rush. 158-159.

Eastern Regional News

Greetings From Your 2024 EBBA President. Ariane Giudicelli. 160.

NABB Publication Committee Update. Andy Thiede. 160-161.

Atlantic Flyway Review Spring 2019 Compiled by Aaron Given 161-165

Atlantic Flyway Review Fall 2019 Compiled by Aaron Given 165-180.

Atlantic Flyway Review Spring 2020 Compiled by Aaron Given 181-183.

Atlantic Flyway Review Fall 2020 Compiled by Aaron Given 183-197.

Western Regional News

Report from the President (Acting). 198.

New WBBA President. 198.

Peter Pyle’s New Book. 198.

WBBA Helps Host Banding Webinars. Steve Albert. 199

Next May at Bear Divide. 199.

Is the Term “Bird Banding” Obsolete? And What Should We Do About It? Steven Albert, C. John Ralph, Adam Hannuksela, Walter H. Sakai, Allison Nelson, Chrissy Kondrat, Michael Krzywicki, Holly Garrod, Colin Woolley, and Claire Stuyck. 199-200.

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