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Feature Articles

Wing Length and Mass Measurements During Spring and Fall Migration at Inglewood Bird Observatory, Alberta, 1995-2020. Cyndi M. Smith & Douglas M. Collister 1-23

Migration and Summer Ranges of Golden Eagles Tracked by Tail-Mounted Satellite Transmitters. Al Harmata 24-31


Recent Literature- Compiled by C. John Ralph 32-36

Books- The Biology of Moult in Birds. Jenni & Winkler. Review by Cyndi Smith 37

News, Notes, and Comments

Four notes on interesting encounters from banding in Michigan. Long-distance same-season banding recovery of a Swainson’s Thursh; Baltimore Oriole banded in Ontario recaptured in two different years in Michigan; Weight gains and losses of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds at a stopover site in Michigan; Two interesting White-throated Sparrow re-encounters. Allen T. Chartier 38-39

Eastern Regional News

EBBA’s Annual Meeting March 2022. Andy Thiede 40-41

EBBA Awards Two Memorial Grants to Jackson Hutchison and Garrett Rhyne. Andrea Patterson 41

EBBA Awards Honorary Membership to Anthony Hill and Danny Bystrak. 41-42

EBBA’s 2023 Meeting Announcement. Lisa Kiziuk 43-44

Atlantic Flyway Review Fall 2017 Compiled by Aaron Given 45-57

Atlantic Flyway Review Fall 2018 Compiled by Aaron Given 58-71

Inland Regional News

Inland Flyway Review MAPS 2021. 72-82

Inland Flyway Review Fall 2021. 83-94

Species Snapshot: Cooper’s Hawk (Accipiter cooperii). Steven Gabrey. 94-98

Hummingbirds- So many returns. Vernon M. Kleen. 99

Western Regional News

WBBA 2022 Annual Meeting Announcement. Danielle Kaschube. 100

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