Eastern Bird Banding Association

this will be the Members Only area.


(list of items suggested by Ken)

MEMBER’S PAGE. – Members can review and edit their online data
MEMBER SEARCH  – Members can look up other members here (within limits)
RENEW  – Members can renew their membership here
RESOURCES –  [Links to vendors of banding supplies]
ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES –  Minutes of the previous ten meetings
BUDGET  – The annual budget of EBBA
COUNCIL MINUTES  – Council meeting minutes
FINANCIAL STATEMENTS  – Officers and Councilors only
CIC COUNCIL INFORMATION CENTER – Guides for officers, councilors and chairs
MEETING DATA  – For 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and president to set up their meeting files
COUNCIL DATA  – Secretary or treasurer only to update officer, council, and chair office holders
MEMBER DATABASE  – Secretary and Treasurer only, edit any member’s data