Eastern Bird Banding Association
EBBA Council at the 2023 Annual Meeting.

Below are the current Officers, Councilors, and principal Committee Chairs of the Eastern Bird Banding Association.

Ariane Giudicelli, New York

First Vice President
Aaron Given, South Carolina

Second Vice President
Annie Lindsay, Pennsylvania

Third Vice President
Clifford Berek, New Jersey

Past President
Lisa Kiziuk, Pennsylvania

Past Past President

Maren Gimpel, Maryland

Robert Pantle, New York

Andy Thiede, Connecticut

Councilors Class of 2025
Laura-Marie Koitch, Pennsylvania
Dave Brinker, Maryland
Margaret Rohde, Pennsylvania
Alison Van Keuren, New York

Councilors Class of 2026
Rebecca Esch, Maine
Todd Alleger, Maine
Alison Fetterman, Pennsylvania
Nick Liadis, Pennsylvania

Councilors Class of 2027
Cailin O’Connor, New Jersey
Maggie MacNeil, New York
Gigi Gerben, Pennsylvania
Robin Schweikart, New Hampshire

NABC Representative
Dave Brinker, Maryland

Membership & Publications Chair
Elaine Mease, Pennsylvania

Grants Committee Chair
Cailin O’Connor Fitzpatrick, New Jersey

Atlantic Flyway Report Chair
Aaron Given, South Carolina